Kay Starr, born Katherine Laverne Starks on a reservation in
Dougherty, Oklahoma.

Her father, Harry, was a full-blooded Iroquois Indian; her mother,
Annie, was of mixed Irish and American Indian heritage.

When her father got a job installing water sprinkler systems,
the family moved to Dallas, Texas. While her father worked
for the Automatic Sprinkler Company, her mother raised chickens,
and Kay used to sing to the chickens in the coop.

As a result of the fact that her aunt, Nora, was impressed by
her singing, she began to sing at the age of seven on a
Dallas radio station, WRR, first in a talent competition
where she finished third one week and won every week thereafter,
then with her own weekly fifteen minute show.

She sang pop and "hillbilly" songs with a piano accompaniment.
By the age of ten, she was making $3 a night, a lot of money in the
Depression days.

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Bonaparte's Retreat (1950)
ŠKay Starr

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