Written by Eddie Seiler, Sol Marcus, Bennie Benjemen and Eddie Durham


From the late 1930's to the early 1950's the original Ink Spots were one of the most popular and influential singing groups. The original group, comprised of Ivory "Deek" Watson (Second Tenor, guitar), Jerry Daniels (Lead Tenor, guitar, ukulele), Charlie Fuqua (Baritone, guitar, ukelele) and Orville "Hoppy" Jones (bass, cello--strung as a bass, string bass). They started out singing fast "jump' tunes beginning in 1934 and their early recordings (RCA Victor--1935 and Decca--1936-1938) and a single known broadcast from among many made during 1935-1937 reflected this style.

The group became famous after the arrival of Bill Kenny, probably in 1936, and the group's addition of a ballad style featuring Bill Kenny's high tenor and Hoppy's "talking" chorus. While several sources suggest this style originated with their most famous recording, "If I Didn't Care" in 1939, an NBC radio broadcast of August, 1938 proves that all of the elements that made this group so successful were included in performances at least as early as 1938.

~Source Inkspots.ca

"I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire"
©The Ink Spots (1941)


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