Nat King Cole

Billboard position #12 in 1951-52
Words and Music by Irving Gordon

Nat "King" Cole had one of the greatest singing voices of the
twentieth century. His daughter, Natalie, also has a beautiful
singing voice. Twenty years after her father’s death, Natalie
used modern technology in a creative way to sing with him again.

In 1992, she made an album called Unforgettable...With Love.
The album contains her own versions of many of her father’s songs.
For the song "Unforgettable," she created a duet, recording her
voice over her father’s original recording. She won two Grammy
Awards—one for the song and one for the album. In 1996, Natalie
recorded another "duet" with her father, "When I Fall in Love,"
on her album Stardust. It also won a Grammy Award.

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"Unforgettable" (1951)
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