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Carolyn |
Hi John
Well it is about time for me to sign your book again. I am sorry to be so late in doing so.
I love your new pages from all divisions and with the beautiful work of Melva they are sure pretty.
Your pictures from around where you live make the pages so complete. I really do love The Old Cabin. Loree is such a good writer and the song is perfect for the set that Melva made. I am so proud to see all of the new updates on your Patsy site and your Fifties. Melva is so good with her graphics. I am just so happy to look around at what your doing back there in Ginny.
Thank You for sharing with all of us out here.
I'm glad you enjoyed the concert.
God Bless John
Hugs Carolyn
12 October 2008 - Fresno, California
Diana |
Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing with all of us out here. It gives me such a peaceful feeling. I will put on my headphones tonight and enjoy the beautiful music.Thanks again.
12 October 2008 - Fort Worth, TX
11 October 2008 - WASKOM,TEXAS
Ed. |
I know the angels are very happy wwith you up there, but I miss you greatly down here.
10 October 2008
Jane Nicholas |
I remember this song being sung in church, when I was just a young girl. Thank you for sharing, it was beautiful.
10 October 2008 - West Virginia
Sharon |
Thank you for the wonderful song. I love Loretta Young anyway. God bless you for what you are doing.
10 October 2008 - USA - Missouri
Awesome site!
10 October 2008 - Arkansas
michaeline |
* Stands and applaudes* BRAVO! So touching I had to wipe away the tears after I heard it.
10 October 2008 - albany ny
Sherry Thacker |
I just found your site and I really enjoyed the Shenandoah Part best. I used to live in the Shenandoah Valley at Mt Jackson. I still have brothers who live at Mt. Jackson, Edinburg and Woodstock. I have a sister at Stevens City and Mom lives at Edinburg. That is where I grew up and went to Stonewall Jackson High School. I love all the reminders. The stores and churches and barns. I remember the dirt roads well. We carried our water from a spring. The memories were wonderful. I love the music from the 50's when I was growing up. Keep up the good work. Sherry
9 October 2008 - Bristol TN
John Rumple |
Awesome web site ... great memorable music and t v names and shows,,,BRINGS BACK MANY MEMORIES THANK yOU
8 October 2008 - Arkansas

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