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Marie |
Thank you for this site a friend of mine sent it to me and she sends me alot of country songs but Hello Walls by Faron Young is never on the sites she sends me. my Youngest son loves that song as he remebers his mother listened to it all the time when he was little he is now 47 yrs old and still likes that it reminds him of me and now I sent to him Thanks alot
21 October 2008
Hannah Rockey |
This is the most wonderful site I have EVER ran accross. Thanks so much for all the time you have put into this. It is just SO awesome
21 October 2008 - Conway , South Carolina U S A
Linda |
Thank you so much for the memories. You do Elvis much justice.
19 October 2008 - Centerville, Ohio
19 October 2008 - VA, USA

Webmaster comments   Judy's message refers to the Jimmy W Johnson Spirit of Elvis page
cheryl Fitzgerald |
I love everything on here. your pages for Elvis are wonderful. have a great day.Cheryl
19 October 2008 - maryland usa
Carolyn |
Thanks again ever so much for the pleasure I receive from your wonderful E-Mails. GOD BLESS YOU now and always. Carolyn
18 October 2008 - Lancaster, SC 29720
Casey C. McDonald II |
I want to thank you for what you have done by working to have this site for all to see and hear the music of one that was so loved and was dear in our hearts. He has been more special to me since his death because it was on Aug. 16, 1977 that he died and left this world for a better place and why it is so special to me is that this is my birthday Aug. 16 and on this day I listen to his music more than anyone else's. Thanks Again C.C. McDonald II
14 October 2008 - Denham Springs, Louisiana
John Thompson |
What a treat to find such a greaat site to bring back all those memories from the 50's that stay in our minds. The songs and graphics are spectacular.  Thank you for all this.
14 October 2008 - Porterville, California
Yolanda Ortiz |
It's been a long time since I've heard a song and and video clippings of George Burns. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to hear him sing once again. George Burns has been one of the favorite of my mother. Thanks again and your website are so beautiful.
13 October 2008 - Manila, Philippines
Carolyn |
Hi John
Well it is about time for me to sign your book again. I am sorry to be so late in doing so.
I love your new pages from all divisions and with the beautiful work of Melva they are sure pretty.
Your pictures from around where you live make the pages so complete. I really do love The Old Cabin. Loree is such a good writer and the song is perfect for the set that Melva made. I am so proud to see all of the new updates on your Patsy site and your Fifties. Melva is so good with her graphics. I am just so happy to look around at what your doing back there in Ginny.
Thank You for sharing with all of us out here.
I'm glad you enjoyed the concert.
God Bless John
Hugs Carolyn
12 October 2008 - Fresno, California

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