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Melva |
Hi John,
I wanted to thank you for adding the wonderful music by Merle Haggard to your site... I know there's so many people who like his music, and you have added some of his number 1 songs! And also thank you for the link to my site in your update! I get a lot of visitors and lots of people sign up for my updates because of your sending it out... That's a blessing!
Thank you too for choosing to use the linkware from S&G&T!
God Bless,
30 September 2008 - California
John |
Testing guestbook for entries
30 September 2008 - Virginia
Tonya Anderson |
I am so blessed every day of my life and very thankful for my family and friends and am very touched by this site, My prayers are for closure and the ability for each family memeber who has lost a loved one in this tragedy to be able to continue on and always have the memories of the good times of their loved ones and not the bad and always remember this was not in vain. May God Bless and keep you all under his wings
29 September 2008 - Fredericksburg Texas
Charlie Hazard | |
I always enjoy the graphics and songs you provide. Often sing along. Usually know songs, but lyrics sometimes help.
28 September 2008 - Antioch, Tennessee (Nashville suburb)
Judy | |
Good Sunday morning to you John. I was just listening to the songs on your mail out and love them all but Merle's Silver Wings is my favorite. We seen him at Hampton Beach one year in concert and was just great. We had been to Cape Cod on vacation visiting some a friend I use to work with and his wife and decided to tour the East coast and made quite a few stops different places. Always loved his music and a very nice addition to your site. God bless and have a great day. Hugs Judy
28 September 2008 - NY
Karla Baker | |
I love the song by Tammy Sullivan, "At the feet of God" and can listen to it over and over. Love the site. Thanks you.
27 September 2008 - Chino Valley, AZ
Judy Kelly |
Thank you for such a wonderful site.. these were wonderful times.
Keep up the good work.
27 September 2008 - Florida
LucindaCalleros |
My daddy used tell me Elvis was sing "Return Lucinda" I was 4 years old. I have always loved Elvis and have bedroom fixed up with Elvis
memorbilla. My cell has "Return To Sender"
26 September 2008 - San Bernardino, California
Debra Wakefield
I love your site. It is so beautiful! The cute stuff made me feel so happy . Thank you so much!
26 September 2008 - Wichita Kansas USA
John Gilbert |
Its a great website. Keep up the good work.
25 September 2008 - Kolkata, India

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