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Terrell Bell |
I was sent "Forsaken Roots." Thank you very much for that! Who cherishes life and liberty and who does not? Present-day examples abound and are as simple and stark as the instance of a politician being asked, "When does life begin?" He hems and haws around for a few seconds and finally, grasping at straws for some kind of response, says something like "That's above my paygrade." This man's opponent, upon being asked the same question, replies instantly, "At conception." Which will ascend to the presidency? Which one do you want? We'll find out in about six weeks.
21 September 2008 - Oceanside, CA, U.S.A.
Carolyn | |
Hi John
Making my way around to visit sites and sign books finally.
How Great Thou Art is so pretty, the poem and the music with the instrument. Just gorgeous on your site.
Also all of your Patsy Cline's new graphics. Melva is doing so good and they are all just beautiful.Your site is so pretty. Melva has sure made some pretty new pages on all of your Divisions.I never thought you could make your site better, but it is outstanding now.
Thank You for all that you send to so many of us to enjoy
God Bless
21 September 2008 - Fresno, Ca
Betty Elizabeth Jones |
This is a wonderful web site. Thank you so much. God bless you all. I would like to say I firmly promise you I'll meet you in the rapture.
20 September 2008 - Lithonia, Georgia
Elisabeth Andersson |
Thank you for letting me a Patsy fan since I heard her for the first time in 50th-60th enjoy it even today.
20 September 2008 - Sweden
Rev. Ronald E. Foster |
Thanks for not letting them die. They will live within my heart till my last breath. I pray I can see each one of them in God's house. The songs as so wonderful and bring many happy memories also.
19 September 2008
Lori |
This truly and honestly brought me to tears. It is absolutely beautiful!!
19 September 2008 - Columbus GA
Tommy Acree |
I'm choked up. What a great site.
19 September 2008 - Republic of Texas and Republic of Ireland
Joan Ashard |
Elvis I miss you . I have made a shrine to you in my doll's museum and everybody enjoys seeing you and listening to your music. May you be at peace
19 September 2008 - N.S.W. Australia
Kelly | |
Hi John:

I hope that all is well. Love the new Patsy Cline pages. They are awesome. Thanks for sharing and keep up the wonderful work. Peace & God Bless.

18 September 2008 - NY USA
Joe |
I am so glad I found your site. Maybe someone can help me. Of course I LOVE the song "Born Too Late" by The Poni-Tails, ever since I first heard it many years ago. But there is a video of a couple of ladies that call themselves The Oh-Boy Kittens, and they do, in my opinion, an excellent rendition of Born Too Late. Thus far I have been unsuccessful in obtaining any information about them, i.e., their names, ages, what year the video was produced, etc. Any direction I could get would really be appreciated. Thanks very much.
17 September 2008

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