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Helen Fogden |
My thoughts and prayers are with all who were touched by this tragedy. I would say that was every one as the world was affected by it. May God bless you one and all.
11 September 2008 - Australia
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello John,

What a beautiful tribute page you have made to remember the dark and tragic day that was 9/11/2001. Like so many others, I will never forget where I was when your country was attacked and felt the sadness and horror at the loss of so many innocent lives.

My thoughts and prayers are with all who lost their lives and with those they left behind. Young children who were just babes on that day will now be just beginning to understand what happened on 9/11/2001, but no one will ever be able to answer the question WHY.

May the Lord hold those that went to him close in His arms and may He spread His healing power on those that grieve as they remember loved ones lost today.

11 September 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
Robert Littlejohn |
I remember that I was at work in a training class for Powerpoint when I heard of the second tower being hit. When I returned to my station, I heard about the Pentagon being hit, and then the brave men who foiled the plans of those who hijacked United Flight 93. I also remember the words of our President as he repeated the words uttered by Todd Beamer - LET'S ROLL!

The following year I was part of the Mozart Rolling Requiem, as the Memphis Symphony Chorus began singing it at 8:23, the time when the plane hit the first tower. The Mozart Requiem was either played or performed beginning at 8:23 in each successive time zone.
11 September 2008 - Memphis, TN
Rev. and Mrs. Jimmy R. Haley | |
Everyone will always remeber where they were the day of 9/11. I was at home studying the Bible and watching the news when I saw the second plane hit the tower. Tears of disbelief rolled down my cheeks. The unthinkable had happened. Terrorism of the highest degree had struck on our home soil.

If you are reading this and don't know, Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, please take time now to say this little prayer. It will change your life!

"Father in Heaven, I know that you hate sin, and I know that I am a sinner. Father, I ask you to take away my sin and welcome me into the family of God, and save my soul from hell and death, I give you the Honor, Praise and Glory for it all, In Jesus Holy name we ask it, Amen!

Congratulations you are now a child of God!!!!

May God Bless you and hold you in the palm of His hand and His angels Protect you,
Rev. and Mrs. Jimmy R. Haley, Jr.
11 September 2008 - United States
Theresa Bankert |
This day will NEVER be forgotten by anyone- it affected all in one way or another.Please get to know the Lord Jesus Christ today- He may be calling you today.Don't say you don't have time or I'll do it later- you may not get that chance and you'll NEVER regret anything more than this.......ever.JUST DO IT......I promise......LIFE only gets better!!!!I love you.
11 September 2008 - New Oxford,PA.
Melissa Ball |
My heart still aches and I still cry for what had happened. I will never ever forget that day. This is why we are still fighting in Iraq. I support that. God planned this many many years ago. It's painful, yes. I can't imagine what the family members had to go through. I pray for all of them today. God Bless.
11 September 2008 - Florida
Patricia |
My heart goes out to every one who had a love one in the buildings and the plane that crash. I will never forget what happen 9-11 for the rest of my life. God bless
11 September 2008 - Whitehall, PA
Carol Lott |
This is a beautiful and moving tribute to all those who so unexpectedly left us..they will forever be remembered. What a wonderful and God-given talent you have. God Bless America!
11 September 2008 - Oklahoma
Judy | |
A beautiful tribute to all that lost their lives on 9 11 2001 my dear friend. My prayers are always with the ones that were left behind on this day as their pain will never go away. A very sad day for our country but we all stood together and prayed for each other. I can still remember exactly what I was doing when we got the news of the planes hitting the towers and had to call my children just to tell them I loved them as at that time we had no idea how bad it was going to get. It was a day of tears and prayers for us all. God bless and take care. Love Judy
11 September 2008 - NY
Teri Beaulieu |
A day we will never forget...
11 September 2008

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