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Donna Stewart |
A friend led me to your site. It is truly a wonderful thing you are doing..I have spent many lonely days and nights taking solace from your website. You are truly a blessing and it is a beautiful tribute to your brother. It has gotte me thru days and nights when I juat couldn't go on any more. Thank all of you for what you are doing. Roy and Dale just lived up the street from me until their deaths. Son Dusty moved their museum to Branson, MO. I love Patsy. It's all good.Donna
7 September 2008
Grace Ilene Lawler |
John, I always enjoy your emails. Heaven gates is one of my favorite emails. I enjoy the music. You had one on tonight with Roy Rogers & Dale. They have been two of my favorites since I was a little girl. I read Angel Unaware. It was a very good book. I've always wondered what happened to Roys son Dusty, I think was his name. God bless you John and keep up the good work and keep trucking for Jesus.
6 September 2008 - USA
B Routh Larkan |
Your site is always wonderful and has a special "personal" feel to it. I loved watching Roy Rogers and Dale Evans every Saturday morning as a child growing up on the banks of the White River in Arkansas. And, for me, "Happy Trails" will always be their trademark song. I sometimes sing the opening lines as my 5th grade students leave my classroom. They give me a funny look and just smile. Anyway, your site is a blessing. God bless you.
6 September 2008 - Arkansas
Christine Distelhorst |
I enjoy Heavens Gates and have shared this site with others. I hope they have signed up. Thank you for all that you do to add some sunshine!
6 September 2008 - NC
Stan Morris |
I really enjoy your site and all it has
to offer. I have learned alot of things
I didn't know off your site. Keep up the good work. Again Thank You.
6 September 2008 - Scottsdale, Arizona
Olivia Cardiel |
I found you by accident (but we both know there is no coincidences, Is there?). I love your website, congrats, to whomever!!! THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!!!
5 September 2008
Jean Bosarge | |
Thank you so much for this wonderfull site. I adored Patsy Cline. You're doing a wonderful thing here. I thank God for you. May he richly bless you, for what you're doing. Please don't ever stop. I have sent your site to all my friends.
4 September 2008 - Alabama, USA
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello John,

Thanks for all the wonderful pages you have been sending recently. It is always wonderful to come by and listen o some wonderful music from years gone by.

I think you know just how much I enjoy listening to Patsy Cline, so the pages featuring Patsy are always very special.

Melva has become a very talented graphics artist, it is hard to believe that it was not so long ago that Melva was asking me for some tips regarding making graphics, and now her sets are really some of the best on the web. It is something special that Melva is creating those sets for your use, they are all stunning. You make a great team.

Thank you my friend.

God bless.

3 September 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
Judy | |
What a beautiful send out I just got John loved it. God's Will was so beautiful and both of Patsy's page also. Melva is right up there as number one in the backgrounds she is making and am so proud of her my goodness they are just filled with so much beauty. Have a great day and God bless. Hugs Judy
3 September 2008
Melva |
I wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy your updates, there's always something to brighten' my day! And thanks so much for adding my link to your send out, that's a blessing and very much appreciated!
God Bless,
3 September 2008 - Ca.

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