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Rhonda | |
Hey John,
Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I have been visiting with you. I always visit when you send out an update but it's been way too long since I signed your guestbook :) Hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself. As always your pages are beautiful and the music is very lovely. Will be visiting again real soon. Love, Rhonda
29 August 2008 - South Carolina
Maryxo | |
Dear John,
Loved the two pages created by Melva
The Anchor Holds and I Fall To Pieces
by our beloved Patsy Cline.

Thank you so much for sharing these
pages and your wonderful webhome with
us, John.

I pray the Lord continues to use you
to touch many lives.

Love in Jesus,

28 August 2008 - Texas
John Stone Sr |
The Song Donna Fargo Sings and Talks in Has The Words I Have Been Trying To Say Ever Since Elvis Has Been Gone.
Every Word Is So True And I Think Most Of Us Will Agree That This Is The Most
Sincere Lyrics Ever Told!!. God Bless You.
26 August 2008 - Memphis Tennessee
Doris |
Thank you for you're beautiful website! It will go into this Grandma's Favorites. I will look forward to seeing your other presentations.
26 August 2008 - Sandusky, Ohio
Donna Brandon | |
I Love your site it is a real blessing. I miss seeing you in pogo.E mail me some time john.
26 August 2008 - We live in Apple Valley in Calif
Carolyn | |
Hi John,
I got to sign for some pages before you get more and I will never catch up.
But I have to say how much I love all of Melva's sets. She is so good with her work.How cute she was in the picture. But she still is beautiful.
I also love Loree's writings. She is a sweet friend to so many of us. Your pictures are getting better and better if possible of those mountains in Ginny.
Thanks John for sharing with all of us.
God Bless and Have a good day sending me your old stuff. I need it now. hehe
Hugs Carolyn
25 August 2008 - Fresno, Ca
Mary Ann Thompson |
"Take your Burdens to the LORD" WOW I loved the statemans for a lot of years' Thank you so much for the precious gift of Heavens Gates
24 August 2008 - Michigan
MonaCherie Browning aka HeavenLeigh | |
I love your page, I got it from my Fibro support site. I write alot of Inspirational poetry, in fact, you like to see some? My pen name is: HeavenLeigh. I am from WEST Virginia so I know all about the beauty of the mountains, I live now in Ga. but I miss my home, it was ALMOST HEAVEN....*smile*
24 August 2008 - Stone Mountain Ga orig, West Virginia
Judy | |
Now I hope Melva sees this entry as she looks like a cute little tomboy in that picture on the rainbow page with her bib overalls or shorts on not sure which. I bet we could of had fun together if we had know each other as I was a tomboy also and climbed some apple trees and taken long walks up to the falls right in the creek and had a good old time rofl! We could have stole some of Grandma's Gooseberries and run like the devil when she caught us also hehe. A beautiful send out John and really enjoyed it what I could see. Had cataract surgery on my right eye on Friday and things are a little fuzzy right now but glad I had it done. Will have to wear glasses working on the computer as soon as they get my other eye done as won't be able to see much at all on here or read either. Went for the far away vision which I have no problem with and was surprised how good I could finally see this fast without a glass in my eye glasses on that side. Have a great day and God bless my friend. Hugs Judy
24 August 2008 - NY
Melva |
Hi John,
Thank you for a sweet update! You and Loree are quite a team, and work very well together!
Thank you so much for the link to my site and for using the websets that I make! You know how happy I am that you choose to use them, and the 'little girl' was really special to me... You and Loree both have my thanks for that one, and prayers for blessings for both of you!
I'm very glad that you're both friends!
God bless,
23 August 2008 - California

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