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Sandee | |
Very Lovely site...didn't hear any music on Jo Stafford page, though. It was showcased on Lynn-Lynn today.(7-21-08)
21 July 2008 - Elma, Washington
Joyce | |
Thank you for the tribute to Jo Stafford, in my opinion, the finest American singer ever. Dream is the perfect song to hear about her.
21 July 2008 - Mississippi

Webmaster comments   Joyce has created some beautiful pages to honor Ms Jo Stafford, lots of photos and info.
carol brenner |
She had a beautiful voice and whoever said alot of young people don't know good music, which was 50's, 60's and oldies before the 50's that my mom listened to.
20 July 2008 - St. Charles, Mo

Webmaster comments   Entry refers to the death of Jo Stafford July 16th
Richard Taylor |
Such a great voice and she sang some of the best songs ever written. A great tribute to a great lady. God Bless.
20 July 2008 - Grants Pass, oregon

Webmaster comments   Entry refers to the death of Jo Stafford July 16th
Ron |
Hey this is great you really hit the right note in my book. Keep up the wonderful work
20 July 2008 - New Orleans LA
b. i. miller
Truly a one-of-a-kind voice and a one-of-a-kind singer. A lost chord which belongs to the ages. In Heaven there is a helluva band to which Patsy belongs for eternity.
20 July 2008

Webmaster comments   Entry refers to Patsy Cline
Alice Aka Ally |
Wow..My Sweet Mary just shared..THE GREAT SPECKLED BIRD with me and I'm So Blessed she did...
I just lost My Fav. Aunt to Alzheimer's and Miss her Terribly...This reminded me so much of her...Thanks So Much for Sharing Your Beautiful Work...You Have a Very Special Gift From God and Your So Kind to Share it with all of us...Love to read more of Your Amazing Shares now...
Hope You have a Blessed Day In Our Lord! God Bless..Love And Light Alice XO
20 July 2008 - British Columbia,CANADA
Penny |
Young People today don't appreciate music as this and all the old time favorites... The oldies and classics in the 50's, 60's and etc..

They say we are old and we don't know anything but they have not been in our shoes and faced all the hardships we endured growing up. They got it made and get away with more than we did as a child. The government has already stuck there nose in it where we can;t whip our childrens rear ends when they need it the most. That is what is wrong with society today...
20 July 2008 - From the Blue Grass State of Kentucky
Evie |
This site is fantastic. I love it when I see sites like this with music from the late 50's and the 60's/ Brings back so many memories. Keep up the great work
20 July 2008 - Southern New Jersey
Kenneth Burrows |
I remember her music fondly. Wish some other person could replace her, but no one ever will! Dream, Dream, Dream.
19 July 2008 - Las Vegas, NV

Webmaster comments   Entry refers to the death of Jo Stafford July 16th

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