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Thomas Rivello |
I am 71 yrs. old and Kitty wells is still my favorite.
20 August 2013 - Matawan, NJ
Anna K.
This is a wonderful page, done in a very classy way. I love to listen to all the music you have listed on here. Thanks to the Authurs.
19 August 2013 - USA
Diana Bullis |
I just got done watching sweet dreams again for the umpteenth time. I was born in 1973 way after patsy left this earth but I have to say that no one since patsy has had a voice that literally raises the hair off my body. What an amazing woman.
3 August 2013 - Virginia
John my thought and prayers have been with you through out the day...
Praying God will bless you in your hurting...
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25 July 2013
Steven Weinberg |
I have loved Patsy Cline music for many many years. Saw the movie of her life.
Like Elvism she died way too young
16 July 2013 - Los Angelesw
Michael Shanklin |
God has Blessed us in many ways, and
Pasty sings for Him today and her songs are with the living.
Page You Viewed: It I who thank you for doing all of this. Pasty would agree
16 July 2013
ann |
hi john its so nice to know you have your site,its been a long time since i have been here and as always its beautiful
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14 July 2013 - Canada
Helen McGhee |
love all your pages. so beautiful
Page You Viewed: Treasures of the heart
12 July 2013 - Camden, NJ
Stone sinks Indonesia | |
Very cool website. Thank you
Stone sinks Indonesia
Page You Viewed: yes
8 July 2013 - Chicago
Linda Peters
I miss their kind of music/singing. What is offered today, overall to teens has gone over the edge, to say the least.......
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3 July 2013

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