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Cassidy |
I love your songs! I miss you! The country we have is good but I love old timers
6 December 2011 - superior
Imelda Ambriz |
May All Our Familys Have A Blessed Christmas
6 December 2011 - Elsa, Texas
Judy | |
First thank you so much for all your help in getting my site back up and running again my dear friend and for the mention of it on your mail out which is greatly appreciated. Now onto the good stuff. I viewed all your pages last night but didn't take the time to tell you how much I loved them all. Thanks for using one of my backgrounds also in the making of one of them. I was thinking back and think it was in 1999 when I opened the first site and you helped me step by step to work with html and you have been a dear friend ever since. Gosh quite a few years huh have passed. Anyway you know how I always have loved your site and the hard work you have put into it over the years and every page I look at is just great! God bless and hugs Judy
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4 December 2011 - NY
Carolyn |
Hi John,
Finally found your guestbook.So wanted to say Hi and love all the Christmas pages you have on this year. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas..Hugs Carolyn
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4 December 2011 - Fresno, California
charles |
my chidren and i have a love/hate relationship with this song. their mother, who died in '88, was born dec. 8th. so when they think of her it makes christmas hard to get through.
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2 December 2011 - kansas city
Belinda Brady |
Beautiful site and very peaceful!!
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2 December 2011 - Longville, LA
Carolyn Wood |
I love all the songs you have gathered here. Great site!
Page You Viewed: Fabulous 50's Christmas Songs
29 November 2011 - Oklahoma
Judy | |
Great pages to start the Christmas season with my dear friend. Perry Como was mom's favorite singer and remember her watching him on the old black and white TV when she could catch him on a show like Ed Sullivan. Thanks for the memories this morning. Hugs Judy
Page You Viewed: all four Christmas ones
27 November 2011 - NY
Thank You so much for the great site I have really enjoyed the christmas music.
26 November 2011
Joyce gus |
Great songs
22 November 2011

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