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mary |
This is a beautiful site and i have enjoyed it so much.Thank you for sharring it with me
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29 March 2013 - Va
Kay |
Praise the Lord our God
Page You Viewed: Heavens Gate
29 March 2013 - Texas
Trisha |
Thanks again John for sharing "Spring Time Splenders" you made me smile !
Page You Viewed: Spring Time
20 March 2013 - Shenandoah VA
Jack Wemple |
To the GREATEST FEMALE SINGER of all time. It was a sad day in 1963 when we lost Patsy Cline.
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12 March 2013
Dear John, i sorrowfully have to tell you that my husband of 52 years lost his battle and passed away in the early hours of monday feb. 25th.I met him at the age of 17 in my grandmother's living room and he was the only man in my life since that day.I hope that you can keep the page on your site so i can tap into it whenever i want to hear the song.Thank you so much for the dedication.
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2 March 2013 - texas

Webmaster comments   I'm so very sorry Dorothy.
The Twelfth of Never will always be there for you.
God Bless You, John
Dear john, several years ago i wrote to you about my husband and his many close calls with death, i told you how the 12th of never was our song from the 1st dance on. well jim was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 3 weeks ago and is now in the end days of his journey. i stay with him every day and pray his pain is releived by the wonderful nurses taking care of him.we had our 52nd anniversary in dec. and it looks like it will be our last.thank you for dedicating the 12th of never page to us.
21 February 2013 - texas

Webmaster comments   I'm so sorry to hear this news Dorothy. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
God Bless, John
Hans in New Hampshire | |
I love these tunes by the Four Lads and have several of them. I was 7 in 1956.
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13 February 2013 - New Hampshire-White Mountains
BullsEye Radio | |
My name is John Michaels and I am the owner of BullsEye Radio
I would like to take a moment to tell you about the site , what it is about and what we can offer.

I am sure you have heard of the site FaceBook . . .right ? Well BullsEye Radio is a FaceBook style community, only . . . . .We are geared towards people 40+.
We dont have teens on the site. We dont have drama on the site. We dont have derrogatory remarks on the site ( or photos ). We dont have all the stuff that people go to places like FaceBook and just shake their heads in disgust !

Instead , we have created an environment for the older crowd that is a safe haven. A place they can go and meet new people from all over the world, hear great oldies but goodies music 24 hours a day, have great conversation and do a ton of stuff , all geared towards the older crowd without the worry of some bully , some youngster , or anyone for that matter , trying to act like they are the big person on campus and can get away with whatever they want without reprocussions.

Our moderators monitor the site 24 hours a day 7 days a week making sure no one is harassed , spammed , insulted or bothered. They make sure the site is drama free !

Because of that , youngsters dont like our site. They are mad they cant get away with anything and dont bother coming to our site. The seniors however and those 40 and over have come to find BullsEye Radio a place they want to make their home on the web to relax and be entertained.

We are not so strict that we stop the fun people can have so please dont think that we are just stiff , hard people. People that do come there to have a good time without all the web's drama, they laugh , joke, and have so much fun ! It is a really enjoyable place truly ! We just watch for those that would try to ruin that fun and make it someplace on the web like all the rest of the chats , annoying , rude and offensive ! Thats what we DONT want !

Here's what we offer :
* State of the art Video Chatroom ( choose to use webcam or not , it is optional )
* Video uploads - Just like YouTube
* Photo uploads - build your own album(s)
* Oldies Internet radio station ( 30's to the 80's music 24 hours a day )
* Make requests from the DJ when they are LIVE on air from right in the chat ( we are very interactive )
* Facebook style community to post status , design your own profile page etc etc etc
* Auction Barn - Just like E-Bay only cheaper costs !
* Blogs
* Games
* Webcam of the day page
and more !!!!!

We work very hard everyday to add new features that people want to see and enjoy on the site !

And did I mention this is all FREE ! Thats right ! The best word on the planet hahahahah FREE !

There is a place there for those that want to donate , but that is optional not required.

So I hope you will visit, see for yourself and reccomend us as a site for seniors to go on the web and be entertained without having to worry about the webs most unwanted being there !

I thank you for your time today.

Warmly yours
John Michaels
BullsEye Radio Broadcasting and Online Community
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11 February 2013 - Worldwide
Sheryl Vaughn |
The best of the best....missed so
9 February 2013 - Florida
janice womack |
This is truly one of the greatest sites on the web. Thank you for making memories to the world.
Page You Viewed: Patsy Cline. Sweet Dreams
9 February 2013 - USA

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