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Frank |
Merry Christmas
19 December 2012 - Scranton, PA
Roy Hurlstone |
Thanks for your great site. It was very enjoyable.
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16 December 2012 - Hebersham, NSW, Australia
Rosalie | |
Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful music!
Page You Viewed: Christmas with Elvis
16 December 2012 - Texas USA
Jim McCune | |
Great song by Tammy.
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15 December 2012 - West Virginia
15 December 2012 - ALL OVER
Mr. Ezequel Agnelo A. da Silva |
May the King of Glory, our Saviour, Lord JESUS CHRIST bless INDIA with the knowledge & Wisdom of His Holy WORD and set INDIA free from corruption & other evils. JESUS CHRIST is no more infant, but is the King of Kinds, Lord of Lords, God of gods, the Alfa and the Omega. Praise be to His Holy & Mighty Name.
14 December 2012 - Goa, India.
Chuck Ihrke |
It is a joy to recieve your messages on your web site.
I'm 75 and the memories of the past as songs you
have etc. is far more joyble then what we face in our country. God has been taken out of the equation and mans view is replaced. How sad is it that a great country is being evolutionized by those who don't believe in God and what he can do and will do
to those who ignore him.
14 December 2012
Wayne Stewart |
A message for us all for sure. Christ has been missing on His own birthday for a very long time but one day soon all we who believe will celebrate with Him eternally. I hope Tammy is celebrating with Him now as we speak. Beautiful site as well, thank you for your hard work of putting this together. Sincerely, Wayne
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14 December 2012 - Nova Scotia, Canada
love your site, weeping silently. my lovely departed mom-in law never said good-bye either, it was always see you. we always knew what she meant and she is truly an angel of our lord now. we miss her dearly but we know she is still with us in heart and spirit.
13 December 2012 - USA
dsds | |
Ladniutka stronka.
13 December 2012

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