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"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things,
which thou knowest not." -Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

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Evangeline |
Please pray for my whole family,my sister Martha lost her husband last years and she herself is ill. My husband has been diagnoised with lung/brain cancer. My youngest son is having emotional problems and my oldest son is having finacail problems. His wife is sick with blood clots. I also need prayer just too with stand these firy darts that satan is trying to brake my Faith in God,all I can say is Thank You God for your Grace and Mercy.
10 July 2014 - Louisiana
Joanne |
This is a beautiful site to add words that come from a persons heart, i have on occasions added my thoughts and my reflections in this book of prayer, and today i find myself thinking about all the people that i love, some that are here on earth with me, and many that i have lost who are in spirit, i find myself asking for prayers for all the people that i love in both worlds, and for all the people who rest in spirit through disasters beyond their control, namely the space shuttle disasters, the concorde disasters, the tsunami disasters and all who have lost their lives in wars and conflicts, we should all be grateful to God, Jesus the Holy Spirit and all the angels who look after us each day, i bellieve in the power of prayer and my faith in God is strong, i would like to share these words with you all, i find them a great comfort, they are the words that we speak at the end of our services in my local spirit church.....Lord keep us safe this night, secure from all our fears, may angels guide us while we sleep till morning light appears amen, i think those words offer reassurance that no matter how dark our world may be, there is always the light to look to

Blessings to all
26 April 2014 - United Kingdom
Eva Yerkes |
My Brother Ainslee Is In a hospital In N.J.They said there Is no hope for him.But with God all things are possible.He has eye and brain cancer .please post a prayer for him...He has been a wonderful Christian many many years. Love In Christ Eva .God Bless
24 April 2014 - U.S
Irene Tomalin |
Please everyone continue to pray for Jenny &DJ &all of the Ward family. Two weeks ago they lost their dear little boy who was 9 yrs. old. Born with a heart condition & very sickly for years they've nursed him & now he's gone. It's tearing their hearts out and they so need prayer and support.
6 April 2014 - Keswick, Ontario Canada
Amanda |
Please remember Amanda Hylton in prayer. Gave birth about two weeks ago to a baby boy. Doctor states she has a LARGE tumor (cancerous). Appointment at UVA coming us SOON!! Please pray for this young mother. I don't personally know her, but Wes lives next door to her sister. It is so sad, but we know God answers prayer. Thank You.
22 November 2009
i just found out that i have breast cancer keep me in your prayers
thanks avanella
22 November 2009
Bro. Bob |
Please pray for a friend, Bro. Bob. He had knee surgery Nov 6th, and now is having to take shots in his stomach for thinning his blood due to blood clots. His wife needs much prayer as she has back problems.
Thank you all for praying
God Bless
22 November 2009 - Ohio
Arlene |
Please add my daughter to your prayer list. Her name is Arlean. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in March. She is 39. I lost my job the day before she was diagnosed so I have been blessed to be able to stay with her. She is doing great. Just got married yesterday. She still needs lots of prayers. She has a Christian doctor who says only by God's grace is she doing so well. She has 2 children from a previous marriage. Thank you.
22 November 2009
Loretta |
Please pray for my sister Loretta. She has had a hip replacement and both knees this year and is still with so much pain. She needed to have the other hip replacement too. Last week she fell and broke her wrist. She had to have surgery on it.
Thank you so much for your prayers.
God Bless,
22 November 2009 - Ca
Gene Nored |
Please pray for my brother in Northern Califonia. He broke his neck a year ago and the doctor said it was a just a very severe whiplash. It finally got so bad he had emergancy surgery on Nov 5th. He came home finally and with bad chest pains on the 15th had to go back to the hospital (blood clots) on his left lung. His wife Norma needs prayers as she has her own health problems, but is his care giver now.
Also Gene and Norma's son, Bryan had a double hernia surgery on Wed.
Also in this prayer request I need to ask your prayers for Norma's family. She has lost two brothers in 11 months.Her nephew 24 years old was killed in a car accident this past week.
Thank You so much for your prayers.
God Bless,
22 November 2009 - McKinleyville, Ca

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