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which thou knowest not." -Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

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Bro. Jim and Connie Keeling
This is hard to write right now. My son Jimmy, grand children Will, and Kourtney were in a car wreck this morning on their way to my middle son's Scotts in South Carolina... They were about an hour away from Scott's house when the accident happened. Will has a cut on his forehead, Kourtney has a broken hip and broken shoulder and are in Columbia SC hospital right now. And Jimmy is in heaven right now. He didn't survive the crash.

All I can ask at this time is for prayer for my family. Connie girl is in really bad shape and I'm so worried about her with her heart and all... She is in bed and family and friends are here already and our pastor, Bro Eddie is here. Please remember us in your prayers. I'll probably be off here for a few days but I wanted to write and let you all know and ask for prayer. I appreciate you thinking of us at this time and mostly for your prayers...

Until we meet again;
May The Lord Gently Wrap You in His Love,
Bro. Jim and Connie Keeling
19 July 2008
Please pray for my sister Loretta as she goes through more terrble pain with her lower back and knee. She had knee replacement last Dec. But with all the treatments, the inflammation has become worse . She now has to go through some more shots. She has been through so much and nothing is helping the pain.
She is alone and is asking for prayers.
Thank You and God Bless,
19 July 2008 - Calif
Bro. Jim
Bro. Jim Spears who is one of our good friends who have a place here at the beach needs our prayers badly.

His wife called and said he had a heart attack this afternoon and they did place a stint in his heart. The Drs. are not giving the family any hope that he will live thru this one.

He had 4 bypasses sometime ago and now this. The Dr. told them if he lives thru the next 4 days he will more than like have this beat so do keep him in your prayers.

He is a preacher after he retired and the Lord has used him in a mighty way. We pray he will continue to be a guiding light to us. He & wife Eunice has also done some traveling holding revivals.

He has so much wrong with him I don't really see how he has lived to be this old. He went blind in one eye while they were here last year.

His wife Eunice told me they had been married 43 years and she was NOT gonna give up now.

Ty so much for your prayers and may God bless each of you as well.
Now I am going to the ladies asking for prayers.

Much love in Christ,

19 July 2008
Mickey |
Please pray for our pastor’s wife-she has been diagnosed with cancer of the bone, stomach and intestine.
She is being sent home with hospice. Her name is – Mickey Linda Porter.
19 July 2008
Marylen |
I baby sit this little girl she has trouble with her stomachand she is also teeth Could someon e-mail me and let me know how to pray for her to stop giving trouble so much
19 July 2008
June |
I had brain surgery this past Dec to remove a cyst on the brain. I am now having the same symptions again. I just had more MRI's, but I don't have the results yet. I need you to keep me in your prayer's. Thank you, and God bless all of you.
19 July 2008
Melva |
Hi Prayer Warriors,
I would like to ask you to pray for a man named Billy Wilkerson, who lives in my area ...
He's 59 years old...He is in so much pain from an old injury that he went so far as to load his gun to kill himself yesterday...
He is a Christian, so please join with me to pray for him to be healed of this and to have an abundant life for Jesus...And please send this out to your groups and anyone else you know who will pray for him...
God bless each of you, you are so important to all of us!
Thank and love you all,
19 July 2008 - CA
Good evening all. I did have the MRI's done today. One with dye and one with out dye.
They are very expensive test......what I don't understand is, why are they sooooo so loud. I guess that's progress.
The CT scan on my lungs and the mammogram I had done last week were fine. I am thankful for that.
I just hope I receive a good report on my head. But I have a feeling we will have to go through the same operation again. I say that because I have these spots and blurry vision, and my balance is not any better. Same problems as before.
I should know something by the end of this week on the tests done today.
19 July 2008
Brenda Stidham is going thru a rough time at the moment. Her surgery on her hand never quits hurting. She has severe back pain all the time even after the surgery she had several years ago.The men of the church laid on hands after anointing oil and prayed for her pain and suffering. PTL... Brenda is a single woman and cannot work at all now.
19 July 2008
One other young guy named Livio has cancer leading to 3 or 4 surgeries. He has a family.
19 July 2008

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