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"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things,
which thou knowest not." -Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

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Bobbi |
At 4:25pm Sunday 08-22-09 I received a text message that, a three year old baby was shot in Timpson, Texas. They asked that we pray that this little angel survive.
23 August 2009 - USA
Prayer for Robert
Will you please continue to pray for Robert who has been diagnosed with cancer in one of his lungs, and today the Dr. said there was something going on in or behind his colon...
Thank you for your prayers!
21 August 2009
Joanne |
I ask the dear lord to make my sister in law Auriel well again after a terrifying week of wondering if she would pull through i am glad to say with Gods help she has and has more years of life left to enjoy i pray each night that she will live long enough to see her two young nephewes graduate from University can i ask tonight that the dear lord above keeps her safe and well so that she can enjoy the time she has left i ask also that all my family and friends from near and from afar be looked after in their own lives
20 August 2009 - U K
Bobbi |
Please pray for a young man named Rudy. He is in his twenties. Married and a new baby girl almost a week old. Went to a friends house to watch a ball game last night, and on his way home was jumped by 15 guys. They say his face looks like hamburger. A lady saw him and called the police, she thought he was dead. He's not, but close to it. He is in a coma, in ICU, and if he comes out of this he maybe only a vegtable. His young wife, and baby daughter need him. So pray that God will work a miricle in his life.
17 August 2009 - California
Rhonda Gomez | |
this site is so beautiful it touched my heart in so many ways I would love to be added as a Prayer Partner God has done many miracles through me I am also one of his willing suffering vessels I give God all of the Glory the thanks and the Praise.I am a Prophetess and a Evangelist God has blessed me with healing powers and I am to go out in the world and let it be known.
16 August 2009 - Stamford Texas
Daniel Cahill |
Hi my brothers and sister i really need your prayers for GODS strength and provision i am homeless right now at 62 years of age a nd sometimes i get so very tired.GOD richly bless you brother Danny
11 August 2009 - NYC
Healing for Robert
Please pray for healing for Gayles husband, Robert, and her 'mom'...
And Gayle needs the Strength that can only come from our Father...
10 August 2009
Joanne |
As much as times have been bad in life they always follow with good things and good thoughts sometimes letting go is a small price to pay ! all good comes from bad as we move on to a new phase in life and if given the chance new beginnings i am lucky to have been able to gain a new lease in life and i am very grateful for it and the length of time it has taken to heal old wounds my trust as always remains with my angel Gabriel who has been with me all my life
5 August 2009 - U K
Linda Blansitt |
My family needs prayer for our financial status. We are in a very serious situation and need daily prayer from our church and our friends and our new friends here.
4 August 2009 - Austin Texas
John |
I have another prayer chain request for a young man by the name of John O'connor who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. His wife has divorced him and he has gained custody of their 4 children ages ranging from 2 months old to 16 years old. Please pray for him and his children., they need all the prayers that they can get.
Thank You,
Sincerely Yours,
Shirley Neal
3 August 2009

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