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"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things,
which thou knowest not." -Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

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Michael |
Please, could you start a prayer chain for my nephew, Michael Wisniewski? Ten years ago, he lost a kidney due to cancer and now he is told that he has a cancerous tumor on the other one. The doctors told him that they will try to remove the tumor, but may have to remove the entire kidney. He is just a young man, with 2 lovely children. He needs all the prayers that he can get. I want to thank you.

Sincerely Yours,
Shirley Neal
2 August 2009
This is an update on Rick Robinson. Praise be to God, he was not expected to live and two weeks after going into the hospital He was in church on sunday morning. God healed Rick and the Blood Clot is gone. Praise Be to God. He is an Awesome Physician and our Lord and Savior.
Thank you for your prayers.
God bless you
You are all in my Prayers.
30 July 2009 - West Virginia
Just an update to show how awesome God is.Last night at midnight, The hospital was going to transfer Andrea to a mental hospital, with a 72 hour hold. But her attitude changed "for no reason" They kept her at the regular hospital over nite. And an hour ago her mother was called to come get her. It's a God thing, don't ya' think. God is so good.
30 July 2009
I"m home and doing very well. They did not have to do open heart surgery, so the surgery was minor compared to what they anticipated. But I also have a prayer request, Andrea, 21year old blind lady just tried to commit sucide. Please pray, thank you
29 July 2009
Melissa |
This is an Update on Melissa below. Please continue to pray for her family.
This is the note from her Mother Jo Ann

Melissa passed away on July 20TH at 1:50 A.M. The DR. wanted the family
to have a meeting at hospital. The Dr. didn"t expect her to last very
long. But she looked peaceful which she hadn't had since May 19TH.
Jo Ann
21 July 2009 - Ca
PJ Curry |
I submitted a prayer request on July 9, for Rick Robinson who was in the hospital with a massive blood clot on his lung. I am happy to report that Rick is at home and doing well. Praise God he was in church yesterday morning!
He still need prayer but God is in control and healing him. Thank you all for your prayers.
All the request here are in my Prayers.
God Bless You All
20 July 2009 - Belle, Wv
Update on Bobbi below |
Bobbie will be going into the hosptial on Wed for surgery. They will be trying to find where the blood clot is.
Please be in prayer for her so she can be healed in the name of Jesus. Bobbi is one of our prayer warriors.
Thank You all and God Bless You for all of your prayers.
17 July 2009 - Ca
Update on Melissa below |
I was told that Melissa opened her eyes for most of the day on her
husbands birthday July 16TH.. She had alot of sets of different kinds of
Dr.S checking her out when she would let them. My son was there in
evening,& the older sister there a short time yesterday a.m. Melissa was
using her stubborn streak when Dr.s asked if they could check something
on her. She shook her head side to side NO. My son said she wanted to
have him take the ventilator tube out. He said he couldn"t do that. She
has 4 infections they are fighting,kidneys starting to shut down. Plus
all the internal bleeding. They can do no more about her Cancer. I will
keep you up to date.
Jo Ann
17 July 2009
Melissa |
Melissa is a young wife and mother fighting cancer.
Melissa is in I.C.U. since this past sunday. She is on a ventilator. She
is bleeding internally. Yesterday the Dr. told her husband he didn"t
know how much longer she will be with us. But we are praying that the
LORD removes the death angel. The journal hasn"t been up dated much
Jo Ann
15 July 2009
Jackie |
To all my Christian friends, this is urgent, please pray for this dear sister in the Lord Jackie. Read her prayer request below. She is in need of prayer now and keep her in your prayers and when I hear something from her I will send it on to all of you.
In His Servce,
Robert Vance

I went to my G.I. physician today. He looked over my chart and asked me why I am still losing weight. We talked and he told me I am under too much stress. He is ordering another limited barium swallow test. He wants to make sure my stomach is not too high up in my chest cavity and that the esophagus and stomach are working correctly. He asked if I am still taking Lexapro and I told him I stopped because it was not helping. He said it was because the dosage was not adequate and he doubled it and wrote me a new prescription. He also told me to go to my primary physician and tell him that he wants me on Xanax on a regular basis. He said at this point he doubts my body would even accept a stomach feeding tube. I told him I knew my nerves would not handle it. I am doing my best to fully trust in the Lord and I am so tired of this anxious, depressed, sick stomach, panic feeling I seem to keep most all the time. I took the new dosage of the Lexapro, and am feeling a bit out of it from it, but still have the nausea and will not be able to eat an evening meal. Dr. Li asked me what I am so stressed about and I told him about McK. He just shook his head. I told him that Shari and Mitch seem to be the only shoulders I have to lean on down here and that they have their own families to care for. I know the Lord loves me and has the answer. I am not losing my faith. I know He said he wanted us to be in good health and that Jesus took stripes for our healing.
Please know I love you all.. Sissy Jackie

15 July 2009

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