If you're feeling weak and weary, in the midst of daily trials, 
Close your eyes and drift away, to walk with Jesus for awhile. 
Let your heart show you the path, to your special hiding place, 
Past the mountain of your cares, to refreshing streams of grace. 

Let the peace of God surround you, like a lightly scented breeze, 
Sweetly wafting through your senses, as it gently stirs the trees. 
Take in all that lies before you, feel the Rock beneath your feet, 
Heaven's strength touching earth, in the moment that you meet. 

Cross the bridge of hope together, through renewal of your mind, 
Hand in hand with your Saviour, leaving fear and doubt behind. 
Step inside the little church, nestled deep within your heart, 
And the purest Light of God, will shine His truth on every thought. 

May He warm your very soul, in the magnificence of His Love, 
Released from heaven's window, on the graceful wings of a dove, 
May He fill your heart with gladness, as you enter into His rest, 
Overwhelmed by the awesomeness, of how you have been blessed! 

So let the praise of your soul overflow, inviting others to come! 
For now is the time to worship, Jesus Christ, The Glorious Son!!! 
For today is the day of salvation, to seek out His heart and His face, 
Worshipping Him in Spirit and Truth...in your special hiding place. 

Author: Julie Carro

Come, now is the time, to kneel in prayer. 
Come, now is the time, to love and share. 
Come, now is the time, to dance and sing, 
Come, now is the time, to praise our King!!


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~Midi Playing~
"Peace In The Valley"
Sequenced by Don Carroll from Rose McKinley


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