Tonight, You Belong To Me (1956)
Written by Billy Rose and Lee David
Lawrence Welk & The Lennon Sisters

The Lennon Sisters are an American Institution. Glamorous yet unpretentious. Sophisticated yet down-to-earth. Famous yet approachable. No wonder America remains fascinated by the Lennon Sisters. America fell in love with them as the girls next door. For 13 years on the Lawrence Welk Show, the Lennon Sisters charmed the nation with their sweet-voiced harmonies. The combination of their extraordinary natural vocal talents, hard working professionalism, striking looks, unassuming personalities and strong family values has earned them a place in the hearts of millions of fans nationwide. That's why, as youngsters, they were dubbed "America's Sweethearts of Song"

"Tonight, You Belong To Me"
©Lawrence Welk & The Lennon Sisters (1956)


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