Patsy Cline and Charlie Dick

Patsy and Charlie

Patsy and Charlie
Charlie and Patsy

In 1956, when she was singing at a local dance, Patsy met the love of her life, Charlie Dick. Charles Allen Dick, worked as a linotype operator for the Winchester Star. She married Charlie in 1957, and they had two children Julia Simadore, called Julie, (1958) and Allen Randolph, called Randy, (1961). Just after she had married Charlie, Arthur Godfrey asked her, "Are you happy?", and Patsy replied, "Just as happy as if I had good sense"...

Patsy and Charlie

Charlie was a part of Patsy's life for about seven years they began dating in 1956 and married in 1957, and the union ended in 1963 with Cline's death at the age of 30. Their life together was central to the 1985 film Sweet Dreams. It's a good movie if you like fiction, said the semi-retired Dick, who was portrayed as abusive to his famous wife. We were both hard-headed and hot-tempered, he said during a telephone interview from his Nashville-area home.

Charlie and Patsy

While their relationship was tempestuous, the nature of their marriage has been described over the years in biographies, films, and video. I think most of it's out by now, Dick said. The fan club has also assisted, he said. I think they've helped set the record straight. Dick admitted that the marriage was not all a bed of roses and has said he did strike Cline once to calm her down. She got hysterical one night. As for what Patsy's fans believe about the behavior ascribed to him in the 1985 film, Dick joked: Nobody [tried to] beat the hell out of me yet.

Patsy and Charlie

But Charlie's life has existed outside of Patsy's for far more years than the two knew each other, even though he now remains one of the keepers of his late wifes flame. Charlie is not surprised his late wife's popularity has endured, "until Patsy came along, country music had been very rural. She sang real torch songs, real standards, that weren't pure country and appealed to an audience who liked popular music as well. And when she sang a song, for that three minutes she became a part of that song"
[Interview by Stephanie K. Moran of The Winchester Star]

Charlie Dick now
May 24, 1934 - November 8, 2015

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Patsy Cline and Charlie Dick wedding day

Wedding Day
Patsy Cline and Charlie Dick walk down the steps of his
mother's home in Winchester on their wedding day
Sept. 15, 1957. She was 25, he was 23. Patsy wore a
light-blue two-piece knit outfit, and the fringe on her
hat stood up as a breeze passed by.

Patsy Cline and Charlie Dick wedding day

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