Written by James E Crawford Jr, Virginia Hensley, L Claiborne
As recorded by Patsy Cline April 24 1957

Patsy Cline recorded a total of 12 songs for the album self-titled Patsy Cline. The tracks were a mix of Honky Tonk, Rockabilly, and Country pop. Many music critics have called songs from this album very different from any of the other material she would record for her albums later. One of the songs recorded for the album, "Don't Ever Leave Me Again", was co-written by Patsy Cline with James Crawford and Lillian Claiborne. She signed it, however, in her real name, Virginia Hensley, in the songwriting credits.

Willie Nelson summed her up: ďPatsy Cline had such a unique, good voice that naturally everyone who heard it did a double take. Itís been said a million times. Thereís only one Patsy Cline. There was something that set her apart and you canít describe it. I canít.Ē


Don't Ever Leave Me Again (1957)
©Patsy Cline

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