Charlie and Julie at the dedication of Patsy Cline's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Patsy's daughter Julie Fudge

Patsy's daughter Julie Fudge placing flowers on Patsy's grave
Patsy Cline’s daughter, Julie Fudge of Nashville, Tennessee, places flowers at her mother’s grave in Shenandoah Memorial Park

Patsy Cline's grandsons Andrew and Christopher, Charlie Dick, Bill Anderson, and Patsy's daughter Julie Fudge
Patsy Cline's grandsons Andrew and Christopher, Charlie Dick, Bill Anderson, and Patsy's daughter Julie Fudge

Patsy and Julie in August 1959 outside of their rented house on Martin Lane
Patsy and Julie in August 1959 Outside of the rented house on Martin Lane
[Guy W Shackleford Collection]

Patsy Cline

September 2003
While the Always Patsy fan club has held a memorial for Cline for several years, this was the first time Cline’s daughter, Julie Fudge, was able to attend. “It’s very moving to be here. I was touched at how touched they were,” Ms Fudge said after the brief service.
Julie Fudge, of Nashville, Tennessee, said she had a really nice time in Winchester. “I’ve met a lot of new people. I’ve put faces to names,” she said. “I look forward to coming again.” Ms Fudge said she’s glad the Winchester area celebrates her mother’s legacy. “It’s good that (the recognition) did come and they’re embracing her.”
Traveling to Winchester used to be a yearly journey for Julie, but since her grandmother and Cline’s mother, Hilda Hensley, died in 1998, she hasn’t been to Winchester as frequently.

[By Kelly Cupp The Winchester Star]

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