Atop Afton Mountain Virginia looking out over the valley from the Blue Ridge Parkway



~*~Summer Breeze~*~

Fields of green and skies of blue
a warm Summer breeze is now a drifting through.
Honeysuckle a smell so sweet
blackberries ripened and readied for treats.

The farmers corn is growing just across the way
as the horse in the barn yells out a neigh.
Bees are a buzzing to every flower in sight
while butterflies flutter and dance with delight.

Little birdies a flapping their wings
searching for bugs,worms,and things.
Summer breeze don't pass me by
hear my prayers and lift them high.

High above the mountains peek
on into Heaven for my Angels to keep.
Summer breeze now drifting away
my prayers now said and I start my day...

~*~Written the Summer of 2006~*~
©Trisha F. Maxwell

In the 1700's "Oh, Shenandoah" became almost a hymn in Virginia,
commemorating the early Scottish and Irish settlers and their land that they loved.

The word Shenandoah was derived from a Native American
expression for "Beautiful Daughter of the Stars."
The Shenandoah Valley was known as the breadbasket of the
Confederacy during the American Civil War. It was the site
of battles between Union and Confederate forces.



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Oh Shenandoah
©The Brothers Four

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