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In Autumn when the leaves turn brown
And red and gold, they all fall down.
To paint a picture, oh so rare!
I know that God is there...

To mastermind His ebb and flow;
To stage His wondrous Autumn show,
To brush His skies with molten gold;
I watch His art unfold.

Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

No grander sight could I behold:
These leaves of brown and red and gold.
But Winter bodes its icy chills
Upon the snow-clad hills.

Overlook on the Skyline Drive Virginia

In time the land, a living scene,
Comes bursting forth in savage green;
And I confront the season's thieves
That took my Autumn leaves.

Crab Tree Falls in Nelson County Virginia

But soon a softness in the air!
God paints a picture, oh so rare
Of Autumn leaves that all turn brown
And red and gold as they fall down.

~~By Henry W. Gurley.~~

Dead Hemlock stands out among the beauty on the Skyline Drive Virginia

The air turns cool, the leaves turn brown,
A change is taking place,
And everywhere the signs appear
Of Fall's approaching face.

Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway Virginia

The birds begin their southward flight
That takes them far away,
And in their plaintive song and cry
A fond good-bye they say.

Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway Virginia

A season dies, a new one's born
Like night gives way to day.
Such is the wondrous work of God
In His own chosen way.

~~By Harold F. Mohn.~~


Moonlight In Vermont

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