"Theme Song from I Love Lucy" Music: ©Eliot Daniel


I Love Lucy was the most-watched show in the United States in four of its six seasons, and was the first to end its run at the top of the ratings (to be matched only by The Andy Griffith Show and Seinfeld)


The Honeymooners debuted as a half-hour series on October 1, 1955.
It was the #2 show in the United States.

I've Got A Secret premiered June 19, 1952, and ran until April 3, 1967.


The Lone Ranger 1949–1957 A fiery horse with the speed of light,
a cloud of dust, and a hearty 'Hi-yo, Silver, away!' The Lone Ranger!

The Rifleman western television program ran from 1958–1963


1948 - 19531952 - 19661950 - 1965

1948 - 19601950 - 1954


1951 - 19531948 - 1967

1951 - 19531951 - 19571948 - 1971

1950 - 19561954 - 19711951 - 1953

Johnny Cash 1932-2003 ~ June Carter Cash 1929-2003
"Hello, I'm Johnny Cash"
Those four words resonated throughout the world as much as
"In God We Trust" and other familiar phrases which have stood the test of time.

1955 - 1971


After waiting outside on Market Street in the heat and cold and rain, kids lucky enough to get into American Bandstand were anxious and excited. Walking through the doors to Philadelphia's WFIL-TV's Studio B, where teenage life and music were all important, was like walking into Oz. The light, cameras, and music made the studio a magical place. There was, as with any television show, a lot of illusion. Television was still a relatively new medium in 1957, and studio was crude by today's standards. The cameras and lights were large, bulky, and hard to move, making trick shots of kids dancing virtually impossible. The studio was cold, the lights were hot, the music was loud, and the floor was hard. Girls wore sneakers or flat shoes to save their feet from soreness from the cement floor. But the kids were oblivious to the physical discomfort;

They were the Stars of the first TV show to feature real teenagers

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©Theme Song from I Love Lucy
Music: ©Eliot Daniel, Lyrics: ©Harold Adamson

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