Venus (1959) - Frankie Avalon
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Written by Ed Marshall

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"Venus" was Avalon's biggest hit selling more then a million copies in the spring of 1959. Three more million sellers in a row, "Bobby Sox To Stockings," "Just Ask Your Heart," and "Why" followed.

Frankie Avalon was the first and most successful of the teen idols from Philadelphia.

Frankie Avalon's early singles were arranged by DeAnglis and with studio musicians. The sound he created was bouncy, with a happy message, but was not intended to have a lasting impact.

Marcucci and DeAngelis next had Avalon record "Venus" a song written by Ed Marshall. This song was completely different from the songs he had recorded in the past. The combo was replaced by an orchestra, female vocals, bells and chimes over a soft cha-lypso beat. Gone were the guitars and saxophones. Avalon sang with a full voice, giving up the nasal sound, but the audience it was aimed at remained the same.

Over a two year period, Avalon had seven songs in the Top Ten.
~Source: history-of-rock

Frankie Avalon (1959)

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