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Memories Of The Little Country Store
In Loving Memory of Cathleen Virginia Corbin
October 1, 1911 - December 27, 2003

Theres a little white building at the end of the lane,
Once so alive, now it stands alone so cold and so plain.
Its the little country store, where we all loved to go,
With the sweetest old lady to greet you her face all aglow.

Always making you feel welcome with a hello and friendly smile,
She seemed to really enjoy the times we stopped in for awhile.
And the old wooden bench on the porch was such a welcome retreat,
As a momemt of relief from the fields and the hot summer heat

In the winters an old pot bellied stove kept the place so warm,
Where the farmers might gather to escape a coming winter storm.
Speculating on their crops of corn and wheat in the spring,
And the bounty of crops they hoped next season would bring.

Behind an old scarred counter, with maybe an old wooden keg,
Salt fish in a barrel, sauerkraut, and beans and local hen eggs.
We might grab a bottle of coke, maybe a few crackers and cheese,
Spending the evening rewinding the days work or whatever we pleased.

Too soon the sweet lady was called away to her heavenly home above,
Leaving no one to take her place in the store she so dearly loved.
The old stove burns no more, boards cover the windows and door,
Leaving us only with our memories, of the Little Country Store.

Written 2008 by John at Heavens Gates

In the small community where I live (Hermitage, Virginia) tucked away in a beautiful valley of the Blue Ridge mountains, we have no modern stores, no post office, no police department, but what we have is worth more than all of these. One of our famous landmarks when giving people directions to the Hermitage area is Corbins store. Closed now since Mrs Corbin passed away a few years ago it remains in everyones memory. People in the nearby town jokingly refer to it as the Mall at Hermitage. A special thank you to Melva for making this graphic set of one of our communities fondest memories.

Visit another of our landmarks The Old Red Barn



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