Christmas Country Style ©The Statler Brothers

Christmas Country Style
Statler Brothers Christmas Wishes Album


The Statler Brothers
Staunton Virginia

The Statler Brothers started their career at a performance at Lyndhurst Methodist Church near their hometown of Staunton, Virginia. In 1964, they started an eight-year run with Johnny Cash as his warm-up act. This period of their career was memorialized in the song "We Got Paid by Cash." Two of their best-known songs are "Flowers on the Wall", their first big hit, and the socially conscious "Bed of Rose's." In the 1980s, the Statlers were a mainstay on TNN, where their videos were shown regularly. Between 1991 and 1998, they hosted TNN's The Statler Brothers Show, a weekly variety show and the channel's top-rated program for its entire run.

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Christmas Country Style

©The Statler Brothers
Staunton Virginia

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