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The Covered Bridge
by Elizabeth K. Fuller

The covered bridge is standing yet
A relic of the past,
'Twas built in"horse and buggy days"
When life was not so fast.

It's seldom now that wagon wheels--
The trotting of a horse
Are heard within the covered bridge,
The changing times, of course

I once would boast that I could tell
What farmer came to town
By just the way his buggy squeaked,
His horse's hoofs went down

But now I see a streak of blue,
Sometimes a streak of gray,
An auto has passed through the bridge,
Is speeding on its way.

The bridge was once a haven
On a rainy summer day
The children in the neighborhood
Would gather there to play.

Sometimes 'twas "kitty corner"
Sometimes 'twas "keeping school,"
A noisy bunch of youngsters
Bent on breaking every rule.

They went climbing up the latticework
And hiding on the beams,
Calling out to folks who passed
And scaring all the teams.

The boys would carve initials,
Unite what names they pleased,
And then look down in laughter
Because the girls were teased

But when excitement always reigned
When circus bills were posted
Roaring lions! Acrobats!
All things the circus boasted.

We studied on those circus bills
Where daring stunts were shown
And after painful practice
Gave a circus of our own

But now when children cross the bridge
They're told to hurry through,
And frightened into knowing
What a speeding car might do.

The covered bridge is standing yet
And through its open portals
The cars go dashing day and night,
What chance have we poor mortals?

Photos: The Bob White Covered Bridge a 80 foot covered bridge in southern Virginia over the Smith River was built in 1921. It served as a connection between Rt 8 and the Smith River Church of the Brethren on the south side of the river for more than half a century.

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