"I'll Remember You" ©Elvis Presley 1966

January 08 1935 - August 16 1977
~ELVIS~ I'll Remember You...

Thousands will stand vigil all through the night
lighting the sky with their candlelight
You'll see them quietly wipe away each tear
as they've always done year after year

The love they feel is still so strong
they know in their hearts it's here they belong
It draws them back time and again
back to where it all began

They'll each walk by, one by one
to celebrate the life of Gladys and Vernon's son
Until their turn they'll simply wait
and stand once more outside those gates

They'll think about the man who was so very glad
he was the one Lisa Marie called Dad
They'll mourn the man they'll always love
The man who shines in the heavens above.

They'll stand their vigil they'll stand with pride
They'll stand together side by side
Then they'll walk away in quiet awe
as they remember the love in the faces they saw

By Cindy Bradberry
Cindy's Bayou Designs
August 6, 2006

I'll Remember You
Words & Music by Lee

I'll Remember You

"I'll Remember You"
©Elvis Presley 1966
Song Wav courtesy of
Sue and Tamara's Elvis Wav Files (Now Closed)

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