This is the story of a man who was in a hospital, and he was dying.
His wife had been sitting by his bedside for three days and three nights.
Somewhere on the third day, between midnight and day,
she laid down beside him and dozed off to sleep.
Well, he sensed her when she dozed off to sleep,
and at the same time he felt himself start to die.
He didn't want her to see him pass away,
so he took his notepad by the side of the bed and he wrote...

with Sherrill Nielsen

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A Day Of Memories

A day of memories,
Laughter and tears
A man never forgotten
Through all they years.

A grin, a wink,
And that come-hither look
The twitch of a leg
And that's all it took.

We fell for his music,
His looks and his style
And followed his tours
Over many a mile.

There is no end,
There can be no goodbyes
For when I look back
I see those blue eyes.

So today I'll celebrate
And toast his name
Since he came on the scene
Music was never the same.

The memories are sweet
And never will die
There is no end,
There can be no goodbye.

Sandi Pichon
Author of "Raised On Elvis",
& President of TCB ELVIS STYLE Fan Club in Louisiana
©January 8 2003
All Rights Reserved
Used with Authors Permission


Elvis left us softly...
Elvis, you are missed so much!

"Softly, As I Leave You"
©Elvis Presley

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