Midi Playing "Sleep Away" ©Bob Acri

The water's climbing out and over the banks
Swirling round it rages ever onward, without thanks
Most often snatching homes, drawing them in
As it travels on down and around the bend

I recall a spring back in my youth of years ago
Near the banks where the South River does flow
Dad had a small farm and we all had extra work to do
He eked out a living, he had no choice but to follow through

We were poor folks, as most farm folks were back then
Mama would say "If we ever get off the farm, never again!"
Dad would smile at her in his tolerant way
Thinking all the while, there was no other way

The spring rains would come every year
Replenishing the earth as we worked the frontier
Mom got her wish in the spring of nineteen twenty three
Our farm was flooded, the South River looked like a sea

The apple trees were uprooted and carried away
Our house was drawn in as though it were clay
We were all thankful to escape with our lives
Giving thanks to a Mighty God for allowing us to survive

As the water climbed out and over the banks
Swirling round, it raged ever onward, without thanks
It snatched our home and barn drawing them in
As it traveled on down and around the bend

© January 26, 2010

Photos: Flooding along the Shenadoah River in Waynesboro Virginia January 25 2010
By God's grace the rains stopped before the river overflowed and flooded the town


Bob Acri
"Sleep Away"


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