"Fountain Of Dreams" ©Bruce DeBoer

In the garden of peace and tranquil
Created with such love and care
Gaze upon God's garden of beauty
Close your eyes, you to will be there.

Amidst the hush listen closely
As you will hear angels sing
And the fountain of hope flows
Such beauty only God could bring.

God kissed each flower with beauty
One by one before they arose
As each before their creation
Each seed God carefully chose.

One day the songs of angels
Were hushed by the loneliest cry
On the gardens edge there stood
A flower without beauty to the eye.

All others in the garden stood
Looking on at the forgotten one
Flower kissed not by God's beauty
Hidden in shadows away from the sun.

Many days passed in the garden
Filled with the softest little cries
Coming from the fragile little flower
So forgotten, no understanding why.

Clearest of days, sky filled with blue
Came lightning from heavens above
Striking with mighty force the fountain
As it tilted, and spilled out in love.

Making its way past all in the garden
Stream from the fountain made its way
To the flower at the edge of the garden
Whose beauty was never displayed.

Kneeling down as it drank from hope
God's timing so thoughtfully planned
For now at the edge of the garden
Most beautiful and fragrant does stand.

Please Do Not
Use My Poems Without
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~Trista Stilley~

Trista Stilley


~Created With Love~

©Bruce DeBoer
"Fountain Of Dreams"
Used With Permission.

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