Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath...

In Loving Memory
Our Granddaughter
Courtney Nicole Arnold
12th December 2001
22nd December 2001

Butterfly Kisses on Angel Wings

Love Grandpa & Grandma Mullens

In Loving Memory
Teresa Ann Young
July 12 1967
March 11 1981

Always my angel!

In Loving Memory
Ceanna Marie Gwinn
January 29 2007
March 12 2007

My Sweet Baby girl, I miss you every day
as much as the day you first left me.
I see you in my dreams & Someday soon
I will hold you in my arms again.
When Ceanna left me I lost my future.

All of my love forever and a day.


In Loving Memory
Jeffrey Wear
August 07 1990
May 22 1996

My very first Grandchild
I love him so very much
And miss him terribly

Your Loving Grandmother, Sharon

In Loving Memory
Kayla Xavie

Kayla I didn't get to know you while you were here on earth. But you have a special place in my heart. I hope you have a great big birthday in heaven. I know the angels are preparing a party just for you. I am sending you a gift of hugs and kisses just for you. We love and miss you Sweetie!

Mom To Angel Michael Miller

In Loving Memory
Shelby Lyn White
10 yrs old

Tragically taken from us
February 18th 2002
In the semi her Dad was driving...
Her first ride with Daddy in the semi.

We refer to the highway spot where they died at:
The Highway To Heaven....

As we know without a doubt that is where they both are. Even though I know we shall meet again someday... The grief of not having them not here with us is still very painful...

Shelby and her Dad Larry Charles White

In Loving Memory
Derek Royle
June 24 1990
January 16 1993

My son Derek was one of the joys of my life.
He is always missed, I have 3 kids later after he
died but I will never ever forget my little Bubba.
I wonder what he would look like now
17 and so grown up and I cry

Good night my sweety,
My baby I miss u

In Loving Memory
Derek Arthur Green
June 24 1990
January 16 1993

Taken before I was ready, but I know he is safe and happy,
Mommy, and Kyle miss you do much.

Even though its been 14 years since he left earth
it still hurts every day.

In Loving Memory
Kyleigh Dawn Rader
March 25 2002

In Loving Memory
Hunter Love Rader
November 15 2003

In Loving Memory
Austin James Rader
January 24 2006

Sister and Brothers all went to be angels together on
September 22 2007

In Loving Memory
Kloey Rashelle Raynor
July 07 2008 -- 2008

Kloey is now a precious angel in heaven

Gail Miller, Mom To Angel ~Michael Miller~

In Loving Memory
Waylon Luke Kitchens
October 11 2003 - September 09 2006

Waylon Luke Kitchens was born into this world oct 11, 2003 Three short years later God called Waylon home to be with him.
I never meet this little boy, but I have learn to love him as if I had of knew him all his life. The moment I saw this little boy on a web-site his uncle had set up for him. I called him Cup- Cake...Why? The reason is I know he had to of been the sweetest little boy, beside my own I had ever saw. Cup-Cake has a place in my heart. One day when my time comes I will see and meet this precious little boy. I know he is in heaven with my angel Michael walking, talking playing with Jesus right beside his side. I Love You Cup-Cake.

Mom To Angel ~Michael Miller~

In Loving Memory
Paul Patrick Miller
December 10 2005
March 06 2006

In Loving Memory of our sweet little boy.
He is now a little cherub in Heaven.
He was 4 days short of three months.

Paul was born with Down Syndrome.
This caused a severe heart defect known as Antrioventricular Septal Defect.
He had a hole between the top two chambers and bottom two chambers of his heart.

He had one large atrioventricular valve
rather than two seperate valves.
The red and blue blood mixed together freely.
The right side of his heart and lungs received
too much blood. His little body received less oxygenated blood than it needed.

Paul also was born with Pulmonary
hypertension and a cleft palate. He spent the first 40 days of his life at Children's Hospital. He went through so much, jaundice, line infections, blood transfusions, and oxygenation issues. The cleft palate caused feeding problems. He was fed through a nasogastric tube most of the time. He needed oxygen support and hated having the canula in his nose. He would constantly try to pull it out.

The doctors could not believe how he fought through every new challenge. He will forever be my little champion. He finally came home on January 19, 2006. He was home with us for 47 glorious days. Paul was to have open heart surgery before the end of the month.

His heart catheterization was to be done Thursday March 9th. Thursday was Paul's Memorial viewing and his father's 40th birthday.. We thank Paul for staying with us as long as he could. He was truly a Miracle child.

He will remain forever in our hearts.
We Love You Baby Paul.

Daddy, Mommy, & Isabella

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