~Hymn~ "Just As I Am" ©Billy Graham Crusade Choir

*The Gift Of Angels*

Blessed are the Angels who walk
With us, though we are unaware,
Those people who take the time to
Listen.. to Understand.. to Care.
Blessed are those with unseen halos,
Earned through there deeds of love,
For they will always be for us
"Sweet Blessings From Above"

Heavens Gates dedicates this page
To a very ~Special Angel~
For all the time and help
she has given Heavens Gates
~~Just For You Kathy~~...
Thank You...(((hugs)))...John

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Without Kathy there would not be a Heavens Gates.
Kathy worked with this ole country mountain boy who didn't
know there WAS such a thing as HTML much less ever use it.
Her kindness, and the patience of Job with me, made
Heavens Gates what it is (And Oh Kathy, lets never
forget all those tests LOL), Kathy IS

~~Heavens Gates~~

Thank You Kathy, I'll never forget the joys you brought me.
You are a memory for 2002 that will Always be cherished...
Always remembered...

Wherever You Go, Whatever You Do, May God's Angels Watch Over You

And how did Heavens Gates come to be?
I had a little MSN site I played with, which
never even had a visitor until one night this angel came
into my site making the most beautiful page. I awoke the
next morning, not believing what my eyes seen before me.
The most beautiful graphic and page of Mary holding the
infant Jesus with the prettiest Angels looking at Jesus.
Another night this angel came and made another beautiful
page from a photo I had in my family photos embedding a
a photo into a picture of the sunset I had taken when I
went to visit Deb in Arizona for Thanksgiving weekend.
It became so exciting to awake in the morning to see if
my night angel had visited while I was in dreamland.
And who WAS this visiting angel in the night?


Kathy took an old man living in the Virginia mountains
and gave him some of his happiest fondest memories of his whole life.
And made a website that has been seen around the world.

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"Just As I Am"
©Billy Graham Crusade Choir
In church together, Kathy and her daughter dedicate
their lives to God at the singing of this song
[From Kathy's Testimony Above]


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