July 7 2005

"In Memory of those who lost there lives"

Today, morality and peace were assaulted once again.
Innocent people died, murdered for the crime of just being themselves.
This is not the first time that this has happened, it is but the latest time.
The Earth, this Rock upon which we live, absorbs the blood of the victims
and the tears of the survivors, but it is changed by such a bitter diet.
It had long ago lost it's innocence, but now it is in danger of losing it's soul.
We cannot allow that to happen.

We Americans join with our friends in Great Britain in mourning the
loss of it's subjects through an act of insanity. We weep with you.
We feel your agony, for it springs from the same source as that which
brought us such grief on September the 11.
It is the agony of the violated, the raped, the victim.
We pray with you, in whatever our manner, for the dead and for the living.
We are with you - now and always, for we are one people with the common
heritage of Freedom and Democracy. And it is due to this Heritage
that we will survive and prosper.

Requisicat Im Pacem

Thank you Agnetha (From Sweden) for this beautiful tag

Pass this on so it will reach people in London and
let them know our hearts ache for their loss and
We Care

ŠTammy's Midi's
Used With Permission.


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