Wind Beneath My Wings ©Tammy's Midis

Precious and painful ...bitter and sweet
etched in my heart ...ever so deep.
We all have them ...and some are so dear
wouldn't trade them ...for years and years.

Some so painful ...wish you'd forget
leaves you feeling ...nothing but regret.
Memories I'll cherish ...till the day I die
when out of this earth spirit will fly.

And when I'm gone ...and you are still here
just close your eyes ...and I'll appear.
Memories you'll feel a sweet gentle kiss
savor the moment ...the feeling of bliss.

The warmth of the sun ...the smell of the rain
memories envelope you all of your pain.
I know you'll be sad ...but try not to grieve
as after all ...memories I leave.

Hold to them tight ...don't let go
memories of the heart ...I cherished them so !

written March 19 2004
Author ~ Trisha Swartz
Copyrights 2003/2006 Trisha's Treasures
All Rights Reserved

Wind Beneath My Wings
Courtesy of Tammy's Midis


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