I have crossed so many rivers
As Iíve roamed upon this earth
I have seen a world of wonders
I have known a babyís birth.

I have scaled a mighty mountain
Walked in valleys down below
Stood in meadows filled with clover
Saw canyons filled with snow.

I have known the bliss of springtime
Smelled the roses on the vine
Seen the golden leaves of autumn
Tasted grapes upon the vine.

Felt the glowing warmth of sunshine
I have walked within the light
I have known the chill of winter
And a flock of birds in flight.

I have traveled to some countries
Took me far away from home
I have lost so many loved ones
So much sorrow, I have known.

I have used the gift of wisdom
Many lessons, I did learn
I have read the Holy Bible
For its truth, my mind does yearn.

I have stood within still waters
I have swam on troubled sea
I have faced a raging current
As I felt its pull on me.

I have known some years of splendor
In the many years gone by
But now, Iím old and feeble
And Iím not afraid to die.

I have lived a life of challenge
Iíve been tempted, turned and tossed
But a Lighthouse beckons to me
I have one more bridge to cross.

Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson
Used With Permission

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The above poem is dedicated to Doc. Douglas Caffey, a long time
subscriber of mine who kindly asked me to compose a poem
portraying his desire to go home to be with the Lord.
Mr. Caffey is a retired Baptist minister of the gospel.
He acquired a Doctorate in religion many years ago and
has faithfully served the Lord for many years, and still
is involved in ministry at the age of 79, however, has
suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome and terrible
nightmares since serving in World War II where he saw his
best buddies lose their lives. Please keep Doc. in your
prayers and that the Lord will deliver him from the
terrible visions of those War years so long ago.

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Doc. Caffey's Mailing Address:
C. Douglas Caffey
9608 Mogollon Drive, NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114


Background music is Precious Memories
Sequenced by Frank W Schober
Used With Permission


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