Love Always, Patsy
Singing Girl From The Shenandoah Valley

Patsy's Mom Hilda Hensley
By James Gibbons

Thank You Agnetha of Sweden for the Beautiful Patsy Cline Tag

1916 - 1998

Hilda Hensley was a mother first and foremost. She was not my mother, but she never objected to me calling her 'mom'.

She is Patsy Cline's mother. Also mother to Sam and Sylvia. I had the rare opportunity to meet this selfless lady ~~ and a lady she was ~~ my first time in Winchester. We connected immediately and a significant friendship began.

She cared deeply for her children. Naturally, she felt a terrible loss when one of them was taken home prematurely. Even as someone on the outside, I saw an obvious hole in her heart from the loss. Patsy and her were a team. She would mourn her death until she herself would join Patsy. Hilda, with the help of Sylvia, created a foundation in Patsy's name to offer scholarships for deserving young people seeking musical careers. Through her memories I was able to see Patsy like no movie script ever could let you see her.

Hilda was extremely caring. That is what set her apart. She was always there when I needed an ear to listen to me; and there for advice, musically and personally. Even when she was tired and, later, when ill, she took time to knit special items for the annual fan gathering in Winchester to celebrate Patsy Cline.

On her passing on December 10, 1998 a part of me, and I am sure a part of all who knew Hilda, went along with her. It was an honor to know her and to be welcomed into her home as one of her own.

She was Patsy Cline's mother. She was dear to me. She was.
Remembered now and always,
James Gibbons
Courtesy of Ellis Nassour's Honky Tonk Angel

Entry to Patsy Cline Guestbook

Date: Thu, Feb 16 2006
Name: James
From: Toronto Canada
Comments: Beautifully done Hilda Hensley would be extremely proud of this.
James Gibbons

James Gibbons is in the Ellis Nassour book Honky Tonk Angel, Patsy Cline
for his personal interview he did with Hilda Hensley

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Photo of Patsy and Hilda scanned from my book "Love Always, Patsy"
by Cindy Hazen Mike Freeman


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