Oe Chi [Silent Night] ©Enya

The spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas is often found
In things that we can see
A street of gold and silver
A sparkling Christmas tree.

It's found in quiet serenity
Of freshly fallen snow
In lights upon the river
A candles gentle glow.

It's found in pretty presents
And treasures of delight
In stories told of Christmas past
On cold and wintry nights.

It's found in Yuletide carolers
Who stand out in the street
And spread good cheer and tidings
To everyone they meet.

It's found in bustling cities
As choirs get up to sing
In sleepy little villages
Where lonely church bells ring.

It's found within a beggars heart
Who kindly takes the time
To help a cold and hungry child
By sharing his last dime.

It's found within the prisons walls
And temples made of stone
It's found within the orphanages
And in the nursing homes.

It's found within the wise men
Who brought gifts from far away
And the eastern star that led them
To the stable where He lay.

It's found within the Spirit
This gift from up above
It's filled with pure salvation
And wrapped in His sweet love.

It's even found in old St. Nick
As he kneels down to pray
To Jesus, Blessed Redeemer
Who was born on Christmas day.

Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson

Silent Night
Written by Joseph Mohr 1816

The words for the Christmas carol we know as Silent Night were first set down on paper in 1816 in the tiny Alpine village of Mariapfarr, Austria. The fame of this composition spread throughout the world, and nearly two centuries later, people are still touched by both the simplicity and the strength of its message.

A song so powerful it caused a World War I battle to temporarily cease as British and German soldiers sang of heavenly peace on Christmas Eve.

During World War II, fighting was suspended on many fronts while people around the globe turned to their radios on Christmas Eve to hear opera star Ernestine Schumann-Heink sing Stille Nacht. In addition to her status as an international opera star, Mme. Schumann-Heink was a mother with one son fighting for the Axis and another son fighting for the Allies. Her rendition of this inspired carol, first sung in the village of Oberndorf, Austria, had the power to bring a few moments of peace to a troubled world.

Oe Chi [Silent Night]

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Silent Night

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