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Spring Time Splendors
Trisha Swartz

The smell of fresh cut grass it is so nice
it's drifting from the neighbors and reminds me of life.
The Dogwood trees are all a bloom
so big and beautiful like the Summer time moon.

The birds are chirping they're happy to sing
I guess they're happy it's finally Spring.
The wind chimes are tinkling and I just love that sound
and flowers a plenty popping out of the ground.

Grass so green and the skies of blue
and the beautiful mountains... my what a view!
It is so pretty from where I'm sitting
things to do but I keep forgetting.

I'm to distracted from the beauty of Spring
lost in my thoughts I start to dream.
Dreams so sweet you don't want to wake
and when you do it's getting late.

Things to do now I can't seem to remember
I'm lost in my daydreams and Spring time splendors!

© April 22, 2006 Trisha Swartz
Trisha's Treasures

Photo: The beautiful old well is near my home beside the now closed Andersons General Merchandize store in near by Afton Virginia. The kitty was my own kittycat simply named "Kitty". The poem was written by my former next door neighbor Trisha.

©Rose McKinley
"Come To Me"
Used With Permission.


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